The cognitive process of integrating new information with existing knowledge is:

A] Accommodation
B] Equilibration
C] Adaptation
D] Assimilation
HSA Natural Science 2016


Which among the following describes the relationships between the teacher and the pupils in a classroom which follows concepts attainment model

A] Syntax
B] Social System
C] Principles of reaction
D] Support system
HSA Natural Science 2016

Social System

Meaningful Teacher moments are emphasized in the skill of

A] Black Board Writing
B] Discussion
C] Stimulus Variation
D] Classroom management
HSA Natural Science 2016

Stimulus Variation

Which among the following represent the ability of a person to revise judgement and changes behaviour in light of new evidence?

A] Characterization
B] Adaptation
C] Organisation
D] Evaluation
HSA Natural Science 2016


Chemistry teacher while teaching the structure of atom spontaneously correlates it with History by telling about Kanada muni of ancient India this is an example of

A] Systematic Correlation
B] Planned Correlation
C] Conscious Correlation
D] Incidental Correlation
HSA Natural Science 2016

Systematic Correlation